Souless and the 'Outcast Shadows'

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Souless and the 'Outcast Shadows' Empty Souless and the 'Outcast Shadows'

Post by Thunder Kuigi on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:26 am

Outcast Shadows:

Race: Souless - beings of darkness who were rejected by the light and casted into the darkness, leaving them vulnerable to it’s grasp and transforming them into Souless. Due to being trapped within the darkness and emerging out of it, they cannot feel emotion when it comes before them and the only goal they wish to accomplish is to dominate the light and make it pay. Souless come rarely, and so are not known to the entire universe, though many who do remember seem to just forget them as if they were just a myth.

Group: Outcast Shadows is a group of Souless which consists of ten souless, each of them consisting of something different to the organization with there own abilities. There goal is to conquer all worlds, once the war is over, and to expand there group to an empire to rule over the entire universe. The ranks go by ‘1st Sin: _____’ to ‘10th Sin: _____’, the 1st being the leader and strongest, the 10th being the weakest and least in command. Outcast Shadows is also considered the 'leaders' of the Souless, offering more organized work to the rare race on top of multiple other things.
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Souless and the 'Outcast Shadows' Empty Re: Souless and the 'Outcast Shadows'

Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:53 pm

Idea approved by me and Car

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