;[ Rinoa , The Rebellious Princess ];

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;[ Rinoa , The Rebellious Princess ]; Empty ;[ Rinoa , The Rebellious Princess ];

Post by Insulation on Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:00 pm

;[Rinoa Heartilly];



;[The Lion Heart, The Shooting Star];


;[Being basically in the same group as Squall, she possesses one of the unique 'Gunblades' he carries around, knowing how to wield it quite well. She also possesses a weapon unique to her known as 'Blaster Edges', which is basically a shield attatched to her arm, but also can be fired as a bladed projectile that returns like a boomerang to it's holder. There's also no mistaking her unarmed combat.

Rinoa is actually an extremely powerful race, they're known as sorceress. The people of this race true extent is unknown, it's said they can utilize psychic abilities fully, sensing, control over all elements, teleportation, inserting life into inanimate objections, project kinetic barriers, phase through solid matter, and hold enhanced strength and endurace. They also have shown the ability to alter their appearance. Another unique thing, all sorceresses possess wings they can summon to them at any time and use to fly with. Rinoa herself doesn't know how to fully utilize these abilities, but possesses them];

;[Rinoa's personality can be described with a small list of words: Feisty, compassionate, warm, and friendly. With these traits you'd expect for her to be completely feminine while just meeting her, but you'd be hugely mistaken. She is extremely brave, she's even went up against her father's career with another group, she's not one to be underestimated];

;[She was born to a wealthy family, her father being a handsome military commander and her mother being a beautiful idol singer. Her life was pretty cliche until the day her mother died. On that day there was a huge turn for her; she began to grow steadily apart from her father. At the age of seventeen, she moved away and had nothing to do with him, even joined a group of freedom fighters that rebelled against him. Shortly after, she went to have a meeting with the leader of SeeD, a mercenary group and there she met two love interests that actually rivaled eachother, became a love triangle. The group came out victory in multiple battles, Rinoa herself fighting along side them. In the midst of these battles, they defeated a sorceress that passed on her abilities to Rinoa and unlocked her potential to be a sorceress herself. In this roleplay however, the love interests will only be friends];


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