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~[ Name ]~

~[ Age ]~

~[ Race ]~

~[ Weapon ]~

~[ Class ]~

~[ Abilities ]~
Sephiroth's true strength is a mystery itself. It's said he's never used his true full strength in a fight and that is why he has lost constantly to Cloud. What I can tell you is that Sephiroth is exceptionally strong. Being a 1st Class SOLDIER and said to be the strongest there is, 'The Legendary Hero'. Exelling in physical attributes, being a master swordsman, and able to produce beams from his weapon. He also even excels in magic, even though he doesn't use it as much, he has an incredible amount of magic he can use, mastering practically all of them, he can even teleport. He can easily manifest his Masamune, and it's quite hard to kill him seeing as he can morph his cells into a new body upon death and even change his appearance. He even has psychic abilities, being able to read mines, project illusions, and levitate objects. Some of the last abilities he's been seen to use is controlling the 'Negative Lifestream' itself, and holding the ability to fly. He's quite an exceptional being.

~[ Personality ]~
His personality is.. What you would call cold. He's quite intelligent and he will be respectable to some people that he thinks is worthy of it. It's not that he is simply a harsh person, it's simply the way he is, and people don't understand that, which is why it pushes them away. He usually has a professional attitude, speaking properly and being graceful. He can be pretty loyal also. He has a some what weird sense of humor and can be arrogant. It's also stated he strongly dislikes humans.

~[ Biography ]~
Sephiroth is nothing more than a successful project, literally being known as 'Project S'. He was never raised as a normal person, his parents were scientists and worked on him before and after birth, he's never been nothing but a project for his whole life. He was one of the first to be a completely successful project out of the others and this project made him the strongest SOLDIER there is. The project involved him being injected with Jenova cells and Mako directly even before birth. As a 1st Class Soldier he's only had two 'close' friends and those being the other two 1st Class Soldiers, Angeal and Genesis. They should be rivals, but they consider eachother friends and Sephiroth would excel further than the other two if it came down to it. ( Leaving the rest of the history a mystery, if you want it all check the wiki.


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