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Post by Insulation on Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:47 pm

;[ Name ];
Kaede Auberon.

;[ Age ];

;[ Race ];

;[ Class ];
Princess of Heart l[ Archer ]l.

;[ Weapon ];
Summoned Bow.
Summoned Daggers.

;[ Personality ];
Typically optimistic about most things, even through pain or suffering she'll continue to be optimistic and never show a person how she truly feels. As a princess she acts as though how she thinks a princess should acts, this is in her world though. Outside of it, she is perky, but adventurous, never staying in one place.

;[ Spells/Abilities ];
~ Glide ~
~ Esuna ~
~ Acrobatic ~
~ Cure / Cura ~
~ Haste ~
~ Transformations ~
~ Soaring Heart ~
She has a unique ability to summon a bow made of her energy to herself, she can also form arrows and fire them off. The arrows may have multiple elements, even that of smoke or explosion. She may also use a Guided Arrow technique where she can turn an arrow(s) once. She's been even seen to fire a barrage of arrows, or even multiply them in the air.
The true secret behind her ability is to form these 'arrows' and completely manipulate them without touch.

;[ Biography ];
She lived a typical princess life, at least what she think is typical, it may be much harder than what other princesses have to go through. Most of her life she's been learning proper manners, gaining gracefulness, taking vocal classes, mastering multiple musical instruments, dancing lessons, archery training, anything you can associate with a princess. She also took unique classes, keeping it a secret to her father. These classes involved things much more about combat, creating an almost alternate persona for herself, she decided upon this class by herself and it was easy to pay for with her status. After being locked away for this time and finally being released, she became a completely different person, she became more out going, and quite stubborn. She was always outgoing and stubborn around her brother Mikay, but it was only to him and no one else.

T r a n s f o r m a t i o n s:

~ Princess Form ~

~ Mermaid Form ~

~ Vampire Form ~


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