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Post by Zephyrse on Wed Jul 27, 2011 11:52 pm

His Name: Alrik

It's Name: Raizen

Alrik's Age: 17
Raizen's Age: 4,000

Alrik's Personality: A bit cocky, but otherwise friendly and helpful.
Raizen's Personality: Derptastic and rarely serious.

Alrik's Race: デミ人間 {Demi Ningen} (Demi Human)
{Demi Human's are essentially half-gods. However, they are forced and restricted to a lesser power by two seals. The first seal makes them unable to tap below the third sub-level of the Divine Magics. The second seal further restricts power by forcing their bodies to, for the majority, obey the physical limits of the human body as opposed to the unlimited powers of the gods.}

Raizen's Race: 偽の亜神 {Nise no A-shin} (False Demigod)
{False Demigods are the transformations of Demi Humans. In most cases, they are just an advancement in both title and power for Demi Humans. In Alrik's case, it's the ability to turn into a Demigod who has lost a LOT of his power. This Demigod, however, is a completely different person who simply shares the same memories as opposed to an evolution.}

Alrik's Weapon: The Shankinator
{A technologically advanced knife which slowly drains power and expels it as a steam-like substance. Also, it hurts a lot.}

Raizen's Weapon: His powers


Alrik's Class: Technologist
{He uses technology, though rarely offensively.}

Raizen's Class: Hyper Martial Artist
{Essentially a Martial Artist, as he uses his fists in a fight. However, unlike Martial Artists, he uses a form of Energy as projectile attacks and is able to regenerate this energy through several means. He is also able to take most forms of non-physical projectiles (Like magic), empower it with his own Energy, and throw it back.}


Alrik's abilities:
Natural Genius
{Alrik can figure out what something is just by looking at it. It only takes a few moments of tinkering before he can finds out what makes it tick and even develop schematics to improve it...not very useful combat-wise.}

Shank 'N' Drain
{As stated previously, his Shankinator can drain energy and expel it. Alternatively, it can store a specific amount of energy, slowly reverse it, and the next time the victim is stabbed it will send that reversed power through their bodies. This will slowly but surely shut all their systems down like a virus. While rarely lethal, it can put ANYONE out of commission for at least 24 hours.}

False Ascension
{Alrik has the ability to temporary transform into the False Demigod Raizen. The form will disperse when either A. He uses too much energy - or B. He decides to revert.}

{Alrik, using a bit of his power, is able to fly. His flight is only slightly faster than his sprint, and his reflexes suffer a penalty while flying. Despite this, he is able to fly out of worlds and into space. Being not completely human, he is able to breathe in space.}

Summon Bulby

{A strange creature from an unknown world, Bulby is an a-derp-able pet whose immune to all forms of Magic. However, he's virtually useless in combat.}


Raizen's Abilities
Hyper Energy
{The ability to focus, unleash, and build up a special kind of Energy as well as empower the non-physical attacks of others into a non-magical, non-physical attack to either strengthen the attack of an ally or throw back the attack of an enemy.}

Limit Breaker 1
{By constantly focus and 'powering up' his energy, Raizen can break through his first limit. While this has no effect on his appearance other than his aura increasing in size, this will improve his power by 25% of base form.}

Energetic Fusion
{The ability to fuse partially with a willing ally, which will take some of their power and add it to his, or to completely fuse together their beings, creating a far more powerful one. The disadvantage to this is should Raizen overpower the ally, they will forever be a part of him. However, should they be stronger than him, they can choose to break the fusion or forever stay fused together. Breaking the fusion will cause both to be extremely drained and most likely unable to fight.}

Ultimate Transformations (Limit Breaks 2 3 4 & 5, Double Powered Perma Fuse 1 2 3 & 4)
{After a permanent Fusion which more than doubles his power, Raizen will be able to transform into a more powerful being. This can happen multiple times, assuming anyone is that powerful. The disadvantage is that he can only be permanently fused with 4 people. If he fuses with more, the weakest will be erased from existence.}

Enhanced Flight
{Like Alrik, he too can fly. However, he can fly faster and has better reflexes while doing so.}

Summon Super Bulby

{Raizen can summon a beefed up more powerful Super Bulby. While still relatively weak, you don't want him to bite you on the ass! Or anywhere for that matter.}


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