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Regular Clothing:

Form 1:

Form 2:

Form 3:

Form 4:

Form 5:

Form 6:

Name:Dante Skyler

Age: 16

Personality:Normally a pretty cool guy,though a tad bit(ALOT) evil.He cares for his little brother only.Oh yeah don't piss him off.


Weapon:A Huge blade named Zangatsu


Spells/Abilities:Normal Form-Nothing but,good fighting ability,he has high speed endurance and super strength allowing him to luge Zangatsu around.Also he can use the air,like it was ground running on it or anything he can do this in all forms.

Form 1-Summons Zangatsu,he can use a beam of magic from his hand and it can critically injure someone if directly hit. He speed increased just abit. He can also use his beam power to add it to his sword to send a cresecent shaped slash of blue magic at his opponent it is as sharp as a sword.

Form 2-Zangatsu turned into a black katana,Dante's speed increases again but,to a larger level. He has more control of his beam slash and he can make figures out of it.

Form 3-Dante gains a mask his endurance increases his speed is at a very high level though still not able to keep up with hastaja.His beam slash's become black with red outlining it they are incredably strong,he can also control the density of it. Making it so it's sharper then a sword or as dull as a bat either way your ass gonna get hurt.

Form 4-This is Dante's beserk stage,he really has no mind he just attacks his target until he win's or is dead. He can use the beam attack from his hands and they are completly red,they are incredably strong. His speed is able to keep up with hastaja,meaning he is on par with it not faster.He can also launch a HUGE beam from the horns on his head,(Think Super Kamehamaha).He has trained himself to not attack his brother in this state.He is incredably strong able to sent someone through many walls. This form is only obtained either in a time of near death or extreme anger.

Form 5-This is Dante's form he has not discovered yet. It allows his beams to become very strong black flames. He is incredably fast,beating hastaja easily. His strength is unparred,though this form is locked deeply away in his body.His black blade has a chain that wraps around his right arm.

Form 6:Dante loses all his previous powers as soon as he gets out of this form. His sword dissappears and becomes a pure black flame sword. One slash can cut through a mountain,he is on par with Marix with this form though he dare not challenged the man. This form is locked away,supposdely forever Dante is never supposed to learn about it.

Biography:Dante was born crazy as fuck. His mask was his face,he had none underthat. He killed many times and loved the thrill of it. He then found out he had a brother and he fought himself,emotionally. He didn't want to give up this life but,he had to for the sake of his brother. Dante trained like fucking crazy to protect his younger borhter. Now he is with him all the time unless he asks him to leave. He would fight even Marix or anyone else to keep his brother safe.