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Post by MyNameSucks on Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:03 am

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Name: Calvin Khastoph


Personality: Basically a spitting image of his brother, minus the stupidness, add the smoothness. Calvin is nice to everyone, besides his brother who he despises and loves to torture and put down.


Icae Katana:A powerful weapon infused with blizzard mako to make it glow an aqua like color. Anything the weapon makes contact with will get very very very cold and have chills sent up there spine, if the contact is held for too long then the being/object being hit by the Icae Katana will be frozen.

Riscor Cannon:This is Calvin's secondary weapon, it's a giant cannon with massive firepower that uses Wyatt's concentrated magical energy from his materia to shoot magic ice bullets

Class:SOLDIER 1st Class(Ex) Calvin, just like his brother was also formerly in SOLDIER, however, Calvin was a much more skilled fighter, making him 1st Class, as opposed to his brother's 3rd Class.


Mako Infusion:Due to being infused with mako energy Calvin has increased strength, speed and reflexes.

Split Copies:Calvin has the ability to split his weapons into three dexact replicas of said weapon.

Mediative Strike:Calvin was also experimented on by Hojo, however, he was the main subject so he has the better abilities, hence SPlit Copies. This ability gives Calvin the ability to control his weapons through telekinesis.

Limit Breaks
Ice Wall:Calvin creates a almost indestructable huge Ice Wall infront of himself, usually protects him from most attacks but can only be used very scarcly(or however you spell it).

Ice Dragon:Calvin slashes his blade and a medium-sized dragon made of pure ice flys straight towards his target, it has no mind at all and will simply just go in the direction it was launched at. It explodes on contact with anything it touches.

Additional Information:6'2 Weight 187(Due to muscle) Hobbies:Becoming the strongest warrior in the entire universe. Due to looking EXACTLY like Wyatt, many many people mistake him for Wyatt, which he hates.

Biography:Calvin Khastoph;twin of Wyatt Khastoph. Calvin Khastoph has a personality like his brother, despite the fact he is very cruel towards Wyatt. He's like this because he sees Wyatt as the failure of the family, being as how Calvin was the strongest of the two and always has been(Note:This was years ago, both of them are a lot stronger so it's undecided who is the strongest between them at the moment)Calvin was also a member of SOLDIER, however, before Gaia was attacked and swallowed by darkness he was already a 1st Class operative, whereas his brother Wyatt was only 3rd Class. While Calvin was still apart of SOLDIER he and his brother were taken to be experimented on by Hojo, to test his new Telekinesis experiment. Calvin got the better abilities out of it, as Hojo saw him as the better test subject.

After that had happened, Calvin went away to Twilight Town and trained hard everyday, not giving himself much free time besides getting many girls, as he's even more of a lady killer(figure of speech) than Wyatt.

When Twilight Town was attacked Calvin escaped in the same Gummi Ship he used to escape Gaia, which he still has to this day. Tired of all the interruptions to his training, he decided to stay in his ship, it was big and had a training room after all. So for a couple years Calvin stayed in his Gummi Ship, listening to the status reports about the heartless taking over almost the entire universe, etc etc.

Just recently Calvin heard of a Rebellion against them and thought it'd be sometihing fun to do, so he headed to Celestia with his Gummi Ship, because that was there last known location.

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Post by Insulation on Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:47 am

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