The One and Only, Son of a Bitch, The King. (wip)

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The One and Only, Son of a Bitch, The King. (wip)

Post by MstrKid on Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:47 am

Name: "I go by many names, But-uh... You can call me The King"

Age: "Hmm... Well i say I look to be about 17 don't I?"

Personality: "You can find out for yourself can'tja'?"

Race: "I'm... a Somebody same as everyone else right?"

Weapon: "I don't Use a Weapon to fight, I use my Wit, Like real Fighters."

Class: "Class... I used to be a King... at one point... now I easily Compared to a Assassin or Mage... Kind of"


Additional Information: (Such as height, weight, hobbies, etc. This is optional but it would be appreciated if filled.)

Biography: (Your characters background story, current story, and future story if you want. At least a paragraph. Also longer than one paragraph.)

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