Xaerus, the Eternal Wanderer

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Xaerus, the Eternal Wanderer Empty Xaerus, the Eternal Wanderer

Post by Zephyrse on Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:13 pm



Xaerus tends to keep to himself. He will rarely speak, but when he does his voice is very hollow yet not entirely void of emotion.


Forgotten Wind
-A Katana that shows of countless battles yet still retains a clean edge.

Eternal Warrior
-Much like a standard Warrior, he has little to no magical power. However, Xaerus has, over time, developed an inhuman resistance to magic.

Eternal Resistance
As the result of 20+ years of countless battles, Xaerus is nearly immune (30%) to the weakest (base) magics, has an insane resistance (20%) to advanced (ra) magic, and a fairly high resistance (10%) to Master (ga) magics. This ability only works on Status aliments and their duration

Swift Wind
A strange ability that almost manipulates the air itself without the use of magics. Using this, Xaerus can increase his movement and attack speed up to 3x. However, going past 2.5x becomes exhausting and he can only sustain 3x for so long before collapsing.

Berserk of the Eternal
Much like a Berserker, Xaerus will become much more difficult to kill after he sustains enough damage. However, unlike a Berserker, his attacks become faster and more precise. Once his health reaches a critical level, it will automatically trigger a "Berserk Wind" ability which will increase his speed to 4x for a very short period of time at the cost of making him unable to fight for 24 hours AFTER the ability wears off.

From the age of 14, Xaerus has wandered through worlds. Countless battles and relationships have forged this warrior into what he is now...or at least, they WOULD have...

Xaerus, to his knowledge, was never remembered as a hero nor even a friend to anyone. In fact, once he leaves a world, it was like he was never there to begin with....
However, anyone and everyone would say that they have seen him before regardless of if they ever have...

It may sound like he hasn't done much...
But such is his life...
None remember the Eternal Wanderer...
...Or do they?

Should anyone from his past ever get close to him again...

...then old memories would return...


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Xaerus, the Eternal Wanderer Empty Re: Xaerus, the Eternal Wanderer

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