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The maiden of Illusions Empty The maiden of Illusions

Post by Revya on Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:12 pm

Name- She has no real name. She forgot it several hundred years ago. She is often called 'The Maiden of Illusions' due to her ability to control illusions freely.

Age- 562 Years Old.

Race- Heartless

Spells/Abilities- As mentioned above, she is able to control illusions. She often uses her power to look like other people, and mimick their spells and abilities, their weapon, and even their voice. However, she can't mimic high-power/high tier spells, such as Firaga, Ultima, Holy, etc, cannot summon Eidolons, or wield a Keyblade. If she is mimicking a Keyblade wielder, she will use her scythe, instead of the keyblade. However, she must have seen someone, in order to mimic them. For example, if she hasn't seen Revya, she is unable to mimic him.

Weapon- Depends on who she is mimicking. However, she will always have a scythe.

Class- Illusion Mime (..I hate making up names for things.)

Personality- When the fact that she is a fake is revealed, she acts cold, and enjoys the sight of blood, and death. She often taunts her opponents, saying things like 'Unable to tell the difference between Reality and Fantasy.. Perhaps this will be your Final Fantasy." Otherwise, she acts like the person she is mimicking.

Biography- The Maiden of Illusions's true name was Auri Rorec. She became a Heartless when her family was attacked by the Shadow Empire, 550 years before the present day, in the RP. She then wandered around the worlds. One day, she came across Asagi's comatose body, and decided to lock it up, hidden, in a place, far, far, FAR away from where she had found the body. She then went around the worlds, looking like the girl, and acting like the girl. She found one of the Organization XIII coats, somewhere, and decided to steal it, and also wears it, to hide her face, when she has been found out to be a fake.

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