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Post by Mora on Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:30 pm

Mid-Boss Midboss

Name: Vyers, the Dark Adonis Mid-Boss

Age: Unknown

Personality: Charismatic, Gentleman, kind, sneaky

Race: Demon

Weapon: Moi's own fists

Class: Mid-Boss

Spells/Abilities: Fist Mastery - Mid-Boss is highly skilled with his fist, and has his own unique set of skills to go with his unarmed style, usually with the word 'Adonis' it in in some form.

Sword Magichange - Mid-Boss is able to transform his body into a unique sword to be wielded by anyone with the skill to use it properly.

Additional Information:

Height: 156 cm

Weight: 137 Lbs

Hobbies: Enticing young ladies, showing off his grace and beauty, trying to restore his true name as Vyers.

Biography: Mid-Boss...ever since his defeat at the hands of then Prince Laharl, Mid-Boss has been secretly defending the Netherworld from the Heartless threat. With a small private army he hired of supremely trained demons, they wander the Netherworld as a guard force of sorts, while a small squad of soldiers and Mid-Boss using his castle as a base. He also keeps tabs on other important people around the netherworld, using the prinnies they have with them to buy information from. He still fights to protect his homeland to this day, though he is now coming with a former prinny that has taken on the name of Karil outside of the Netherworld in order to see if he needs to assist in the greater threat. It should also be noted that Vyers has a pure heart. So pure, even a demon such as him can lay hands upon holy artifacts without harm.


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Mid-Boss Empty Re: Mid-Boss

Post by RenaKerensky on Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:04 am

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