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Post by Mora on Thu Jul 21, 2011 10:47 pm

Karil Warrior-ff1-art

Name: Karil

Age: Appears 17, body is new.

Personality: Adventerous, heroic, beleives in chilvary, obsessed with swords, kind, surprisingly smart.

Race: Human

Weapon: Long Sword Lvl 100.

Ability Gauntlet - A Demonic Gauntlet that allows the user to steal the powers of other enemies by defeating them or actively countering the attack/spell/ability with the Gauntlet.

Class: Fighter...literally.

Spells/Abilities: Weapon Mastery - Karil, being a Fighter, has natrual skill over swords, spears, and axes, and knows how well to use this well.

Ability Capture - Using the Ability Gauntlet, Karil is gifted the power to capture other people's abilities for his own use. He can capture as simply as stopping the attack with the Gauntlet, or countering it with one of his captured skills. Then, it is up to a toss of luck. (1d6, Evens = success, Odds = failure.)

Prinny Abilities - Karil keeps the skills that hey knew back when he was a Prin ny, being Prinny Barrage (Rapid strikes from afar using sharp wind), Prinny Dance (Random Status Effects on the target), Prinny Bomb (Bombards the surrounding area with lit bombs), Pringer Beam (Casts a powerful beam that hits a large area.), and the ability to break the fourth wall!

Additional Information:

Weight: 200 Lbs

Height: 6' 1"

Hobbies: Sword collecting, stargazing, tinkering.

Biography: Karil has now been reincarnated and reborn. Having recovered his sins, as well as having a great deal of favor, Karil was able to reincarnate in a body of his chosing, and chose his old body. Karil also managed to buy a old demon artifact known as the Ability Gauntlet, in order to keep up with other heroes and not be left behind as a pure melee fighter. He was able to keep his Prinny abilities because of it, and plans to capture many more. He is also bringing a friend from the Netherworld...a contact that perfers to be called the Dark Adonis.


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