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Crono [Chrono Trigger - Give-Away Character for Claim] Empty Crono [Chrono Trigger - Give-Away Character for Claim]

Post by RikohZX on Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:01 pm

Crono [Chrono Trigger - Give-Away Character for Claim] 190235-ct_crono2_large

Name: Crono

Age: 19

Personality: A typically silent but hardened swordsman, Crono tends to rush into situations head-first without realizing the implications. Nevertheless, his excellent swordsman skills and magic capabilities allow him to fight his way out of such reckless incidents. Crono is also a team player, more than willing to do what it takes for his friends to survive. His well-rounded abilities compliment any group setup. [Player's choice of if he's capable of talking.]

Race: Human

Weapon: Katana (Interchangable with any one/two-handed sword)

Class: Spell Knight

Blade Rush: Via a quick burst of adrenaline and small MP cost, Crono's sword abilities exceed standard human levels as he is then forced to attack a target (or multiple) before it wears off. Can only be used in the same turn as a normal attack and has a one-turn cooldown. The power of the buff allows a standard sword to slice through unenchanted steel like paper. Can further be enhanced with a magic element via external help. (A flexible combination of Crono's various sword skills.)

Thunder [plus extensions via training]

Luminaire: At the cost of all MP and severe exhaustion (without proper countermeasures taken), Crono can use the Limit Break's mindstate to literally tap into the proverbial magic miniature nuke - via splitting an atom, a large explosion of nothing but pure light and energy erupts through the targeted location, dealing extreme damage to all targets in range. Can be made stronger by magic damage buffs or being given more magical power than their maximum limit by others.

Additional Information:
Habits include training, studying and so forth. Crono is also able to understand technology instead of be completely lost, and has great puzzle solving capabilities. [Any extra details are up to the player.]

[Overall, the player determines their past so they're not too limited.]

Admins, please balance this character if you wish to. Anyone that wants to claim this character, please ask the admins.

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