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Post by RedMageKefka on Wed Jul 20, 2011 4:38 pm


Name: Painis Cupcake

Age: 38

Personality: Insane

Race: Human?

Weapon: Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Buff Trumpets, Shovels and Blades, Grenades

Class: Soldier

Spells/Abilities: Painis Cupcake can digest just about anything in his stomach, and can move across the ground as if he were a snake, making an odd reloading-like sound as he moves. When Painis Cupcake becomes enraged, which is pretty much whenever he can't eat his meal, he flies into a frenzy in which he becomes practically invulnerable until he is either blown away from his target or has eaten them. His strength is a little above average, and he can withstand rockets below him, although gets hurt by them. He rarely actually ever uses his weapons, he only has them because every Soldier like him does.

It was a dark day in 2fort, BLU team was capturing the intelligence as a lone Soldier was rushing out, rocket jumping up onto the roof of the middle bridge between the two forts. He made it across to the BLU side, but what was waiting for him was far worse than he could ever imagine. A Sniper, who had a jazzy tune playing on a radio nearby attacked him, capturing him and dragging him into the BLU spawn, tying him to the health box with an evil grin. The odd sniper pulled out a huge sword, the Eyelander, a legendary blade only capable of being wielded by a Demoman, but being used by this Sniper. He used the sword to cut into the Soldier, but as soon as the long slash across him was done, it healed because of the effect of the health box he was tied to. Soon a Spy joined in, as well as an oddly faced Engineer who seemed to only be able to talk backwards. "Stab stab stab~!" wass all the Soldier could remember that day from then on, as he respawned from his inevitable death at the hands of RED team.

Ever since that day, that one Soldier has become a monster of sorts, eating people alive to feed his desire for revenge. Revenge against those that ignored his pleas for Medic and Help. He now has a new name, Painis Cupcake. How he came of this name is unknown.


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