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Post by RikohZX on Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:08 pm

Reiki 33y0q6w

Name: Reiki

Age: 14

Personality: Usually a sheepish and awkward girl, Reiki is otherwise rather blunt and often very hasty around those she's familiar with. Her lack of knowledge about a number of things can lead to weird moments, but she tends to catch on quickly enough. Reiki also knows how some people are into 'cute little girls,' and if necessary she knows how to play on that - sometimes she just doesn't know when to stop, however.

Race: Human

Weapon: Metal Gauntlets [Defensively smooth-grooved - containment seals for when not in combat]

Class: Defender


Catch: At the cost of a small amount of MP, Reiki can try to use her reflexes to literally catch melee attacks and some solid projectiles to both stop them in place and cancel out attacks - if the attack is far stronger than she can handle, she takes a third of the intended damage in the process. This comes at the cost of her own attack turn and cannot catch energy or magic projectiles.

Repel: At the cost of a tremendous amount of MP, Reiki can extend a large barrier from herself that differentiates between friends and foes - any foes caught against the barrier are pushed back (and damaged if it slams them inbetween an object and the barrier). The barrier takes the form of a series of blue 'beehive' energy plates. It lasts for two more turns after usage, but can be destroyed if an attacker deals the equivalent of half of Reiki's max HP in damage to the barrier (the damage values against the barrier are unaffected by defense stats); usage also roots her in place to hold it up. Has a following three-turn cooldown.

Additional Information:
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eye Color: Dull Red
Favorite Food: Ramen
Favorite Pasttimes: Physical training and self-education
Home World: Unknown
Miscellaneous: Carries various outfits for boredom purposes along with a set of magic cat ears and a tail when adorable factors are necessary.

Reiki was artificially created for two reasons - the first and original intent was to replace the deceased daughter of her creator; the second and arguably more prominent reason was for combat research when another scientist barged in on the project and forced things to go his way. When Reiki was finally 'born', starting her life at what would be ten-years-old for a standard human, none of the scientists or staff were present. Not knowing who or what she was, as she was not programmed to know such arbitrary tidbits, Reiki wandered off.

Over the course of three years, Reiki adjusted to living in populated areas in Traverse Town, doing various fix-it jobs and such all over. Although she doesn't know a lot of things - like full reading and such - her street smarts were often enough to get her by. At one point, she ran across a weaponsmith who decided to adopt her. Despite it being her happiest days, it came to an end the following month when her adoptive father was fatally injured by Heartless. He passed on his gauntlets, having fought with fist motions not unlike a Monk, before passing on.

Although Reiki was in mourning for a long time, she managed to finally move on and started training herself. For reasons she didn't know, the method of combat wasn't unfamiliar. However, she also discovered her latent abilities - the uncanny reflex of being able to catch some attacks in place, and the creation of a self-powered magical barrier. Deciding that she'd fight to prevent other people from dying like her adoptive father did, Reiki began wandering to find her ultimate purpose in life.

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