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Post by Sally on Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:15 pm

Organization, IX, Lexsena Corbata

Name: Lexsena

Age: Twenty

Personality: Lexsena is a little devious, she knows what she wants. She tends to try and be the center of attention, loving being in the spotlight. She tends to think she's amazing, but really she just wants a heart again to know what it's like to love, and be happy. She likes to read romance books due to the fact that they have so much feeling put into them. Somebodies' hearts make her real curious and she knows a lot about them, and has a sketchbook full of drawins she's made of them, she's good at drawing them due to practice but not much else. Also Elegrance and diligence is important to her, so she tries to stay out of battle and only heal which is why her cure is so high.

Race: Nobody

Weapon: She just uses spells, not much else.

Class: Mage


Additional Information: She changes from her combat outfit (shown above) to an elegant dress depending on mood and weather or not she wants to go into battle.

Biography: Lexsena has been a part of the organization for a very long time, since about when Marix started ruling but she choose a lower position to be 'noble and elegant' Though really she just wanted the first position with an X considering she loved that letter. She joined due to the fact she just wanted to have her devious intentions fulfilled and the idea of having a heart made her almost feel excitement. Though she isn't the strongest of fighters, she isn't totally helpless her stubbornness to always be in the spotlight and always look good helps her along the way.

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