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Post by RandomCloud on Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:57 pm

Name:Raga Clouds

Personality: Very sly, tricky, and decisive.

Powers:He has the power to manipulate his own hormones and others hormones through touch.
-Size: He can make the size of himself or others increase.
-Emotions: He can change how people feel at the time, and even himself or thers feelings about others.
-Adrenaline: How can make people feel more energized, full of energy for a long time, giving them a surge of energy.
-Gender:He can change if someone is Male or Female. O_o
-Healing: He can quickly heal someone if greatly damaged or injured, however shortenning there life. If its not a great amount of healing used, its not a great amount of lifespan spent.
-Basically he plays that of a support role.

hieght:(varies from power, 2ft-25ft)
Wieght:(varies from power, 60lbs-800lbs)


Description:Has long, white feathery hair.
Stands very tall often. He is an expert at parkour(free running) and jumping and leaping and running. Professional with the stalf and kickboxing. Is also very skilled with the sword.

Equipment:A long wooden staff, and several other stalves he carries all on his back.A special staff that grows with him if he uses his power. A sword enchanted with a wind spirit.



When he was a child, he always loved his dad telling him scary stories or about things that go bump in the night. He didn't like the part where the things that go bump in the night could be real, so he told his dad he was gonna make sure they didn't go bump, but his dad just bypassed it thinking it was just a kids dream.He even pretended to kill monsters in his backyard. He went to school when he was 4, but his dad could barely pay for, for he was a single parent and was as simple cashier, but he payed for it somehow.His dad was determined to get him educated and have a better life than his. In school, he learned how to read and write very well, but not much else. All the kids laughed and called him stupid. Sometimes they even beat him, but he didn't tell anyone because he didn't want any trouble. This was the first time he felt helpless, and he didn't like it.

He continued to grow, and life went on into his preteens. School continued, and he was still beaten and made fun of, but he continued to ignore it. One day his father saw he had bruises, and wouldn't stand for it. His dad used to be a great martial artist, so he taught his son how to use the stalf, his fists, and a sword. One day he went back to school, and the kids laughed and pionted fingers. He was sick of it, and he drew a stalf, beating all the other kids senseless, except for a few, who had already been learning about fighting. They, you could say, kicked his ass, and he felt even more helpless now.


Soon enough, his father thought he had gotten a good education, and he had. He was sent off to the military from 13 years old. There he found even more bullies, who he felt even more helpless against.He wrote a book about his entire life and trained hard in the military, however never having to fight any real wars or battles. He left when he was 15. By that time he had honed his skills to near perfection. He came back, and his father was dead. He had been killed by a bunch of Heartless, who apparently had been waiting to kill him. He was found by one of the Heartless, who wished to end him as well. This Heartless was however very greedy, and didn't kill him.

At first Raga was known as Raga Kills, because he mercillesly killed any humans, Heartless, or nobodies that came near him. Eventually, the others decided this guy was complete bullshit, and needed to be ended. The pro was sent himself to kill Raga, but instead he saw the young humans potential. He instead captured him, bringing him back with him. He taught him how to control such urges to kill, and he also trained him even more in his weapons and more about what himself and others were.He let him go, and Raga didn't feel at all helpless anymore, for the first time, but this would not last.


He was now known as Rags because of the rag clothing he wore around town and his tendency to sit in alley ways and gutters , looking much like something of a hobo. He was now 17, and more Heartless came to kill him. He killed most all of them, killing every one of them on the way, getting ever so much stronger. One day, a Heartless came that was far more powerful than him, but this one was a man who liked to gloat. Imstead of killing him, he simply beat the shit out of him, leaving him to live in shame. And that he did, feeling even more helpless than he had ever felt. He left his home planet for a 2 years, gone off training.

He made his way to some anonymous planet, where he spent 2 years. He wore a different outfit, just some rags put differently. There he learned how to get around quickly, using parkour, or freerunning. He also learned of his powers that he had never known he had beforehand from a man who was very wise and old. He also honed his skills ever so more, getting unbeatable with them.
The other men began noticing this, and they didn't like it as they hadn't before. He went to them, claiming his innocence, defeating every one of them that had objected to him. He was then set free, and he went out into the universe, where his story continued.

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