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Post by Cakedeshou on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:54 am

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Reale Excorcis Exudans

Age: 16-17

Personality: He's cold, mean, and speaks in a monotone voice. He can be caring, and kind, but he can also be blunt, frank, and even condescending, cynical, vain, and much more. He's very masochistic, he can also be very easy to hurt, but his rather emotionless and dead but emo-ness has earned him a calculating look.

Race: He -looks- human enough... but he is actually a nobody. Though, without the "X" in his name, due to his hate of the Organization.

Weapon: He has several weapon strapped to his belt, holding several swords. However, his main weapons would be a long silver rapier with a blue hilt, and a red dagger.

Class, Spells/Abilities:( May be switched to a Dual-Wielder if not acceptable ) He is a Keyblader, of course. However, his abilities consist of being able to use an unfamiliar element; Wind. He can control wind, which allows him to float, fly, and walk on air. He can solidify air into weapons and use it as platforms, and can control which gases he releases, so that he may bring either medicinal wind or poisonous gas. He also has access to minor healing magic, however, his wind takes priority.

Additional Information: He's blue-haired, having short hair and blue eyes, while wearing a blue cape, blue coat and blue attire. He wears a golden crown on his head, he has iron bracers, and blue cloth boots. He's also short, looks like a child, but older, and has a dagger he keeps on his belt...

Biography: He develops with the roleplay, but he seems to have come to the Twilight Town for some reason.

[ yeaaah, I need to refresh on KH ]


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Post by RenaKerensky on Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:11 am

Approved as a DualWielder! No Keyblader, please...

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