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Post by XxCherryPopxX on Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:05 pm

Cherry Valentine 331ejgm
Cherry Valentine


Fairly bubbly, very loyal to her friends, and sometimes a tad flirtacious.


One skimpy dagger that she has strapped to the inside of her thigh.

White Mage!

Cure, Cura

Additional Information:
5'5'', 120 lbs, and owns a high-class tavern/restaurant! Although, I dunno if this would work anymore, 'cause apparently everybody stays in a tower or whatever... So let's just say she built it in the tower, and it got good biz. :3

Cherry grew up working as a waitress with her mother, ever since the age of six. She felt her life was good, and she even got to keep some of the money she made. Everything was going just grand... Until she got kidnapped at eight. The reason? The kidnappers were going to grow her up, and then sell her into slavery as a companion. She was trapped along with several other girls, and things seemed bleak. She remained in captivity until she hit sixteen, when the kidnappers judged her as fit for the market.

Fortunatly for her, just before this was done, a raid was performed on the kidnappers base. A group had learned about what had been transpiring, and decided to free all the captured females. Once they did this, they took all the loot from the men, and split it up between the girls, to help them for when they finally entered the world once again. Cherry knew what she planned to do, and converted an old run-down building into a tavern.

Since she had worked as a waitress, and knew how things worked, her tavern immediatly got a great deal of income. She later added a restaurant to it, which was also quite successful. And that is where she stands now!


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Cherry Valentine Empty Re: Cherry Valentine

Post by Dude wheres my car on Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:37 pm


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Cherry Valentine Empty Re: Cherry Valentine

Post by RenaKerensky on Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:38 pm


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Cherry Valentine Empty Re: Cherry Valentine

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