;{ Yumiko, The Silent Reaper };

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;{ Yumiko, The Silent Reaper }; Empty ;{ Yumiko, The Silent Reaper };

Post by Insulation on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:30 am

;{Yumiko 'The Silent Reaper' Takeda};



;{Large scythe, known as the 'Dead Scythe' that she summons to herself. Black Gauntlets on her hands.};

;{Spell Knight / Dark Summoner};


;{Enhanced Attributes}; Obviously she's much better than your average human in the physical department.

;{Flight}; She possesses odd wings on her back, that appears to be zigzags. Even though, they don't look like they can, they do allow her flight.

;{Green Neon Eyes}; Her eyes are typically a normal greenish color that seems to shine, they also have lighter colored rings in them. She can cause these eyes to glow which allows her to completely see in darkness, she's also been known to see through objects with the eyes, seeing through illusions, determining if a person has been there in the past and a much further and wider distance than your average human. Another thing, look deeply into her mesmerizing eyes and you'll feel entranced.. Some may also feel an odd pressure in their head, it's her analyzing your mind.

;{Pyrokinetic}; She's been shown to utilize a unique green flame, completely normal and can be used to coat her scythe with then launch it off.

;{Aerokinetic}; Typically doesn't use this ability or know much about it, but she has dwelled in it and do possess it, sending strong waves of winds at people to knock them off their feet.

;{Skull Summons}; She can summon two unique large skulls, holding green eyes like herself that she controls and can cause to explode.

;{Chain Summoning}; She can also summon chains with bladed tips that she sends hurling at things.

;{Shadow Form}; This is a racial ability for herself. Being made of pure darkness, she can shift into said form, increasing her attributes after doing so (Form is the picture on the right!).

;{Personality? There seems to be nothing left of her involving a personality. She's completely emotionless and typically reserved, only speaking when necessary. There is one thing she does similar to an emotion, while in combat she'll smirk or laugh, taunting her opponent};

;{There's not much to her life, it's a mystery itself. It's not known who the other person of herself is either. She appeared into the world for only her race, and immediately she grew adapted to it, not being loud or depressed, she just accepted it quietly like she always does. Some people see her as a monster as when she was ever in danger, she dealt with the problem without a word. Upon entering the world and making a name for herself, she established a relationship with Millania, The Queen, it's more of a job than anything. She follows The Queen around like a personal body guard, or even heads out to complete tasks for her, she even has a Mental Connection with The Queen, knowing when she's in danger or knowing when to head out on a task without it being spoken, she possesses this connection with only The Queen. She's basically the perfect body guard, not making an complaints or not having any issues with a task she's set out to do, she just heads out quietly and gets the job done, with an odd smirk on her face.};

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;{ Yumiko, The Silent Reaper }; Empty Re: ;{ Yumiko, The Silent Reaper };

Post by RenaKerensky on Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:37 am

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