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The Pigeon Man Empty The Pigeon Man

Post by Meme1995 on Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:08 pm

Name:The Pigeon Man

Age: 47

Personality: Not really as charismatic as his cohort Cabanela. They both share a good relationship though. He's serious and prefers to think things through and analizing them, unlike Cabanela who always jumps into action. He's mostly anti-social and never smiles. He normally critizes people he sees and points out their mistakes quite often. He's very loving and caring for the blue pigeon he has on his head and is bothered by people who make fun of his pigeon, Lovey-Dove.

Race: Somebody

Weapon: SS Yonoa (Cabanela's Gummi Ship)

Class: Engineer

1. Is perhaps smarter and wiser than Cabanela and knows how to properly investigate a scene better.
2. An expert Engineer, he knows how to repair any damages done to the ship on the double.
3. Knows how to work the Gummi Ship properly.
4. Can have his pigeon do favors for him, including hiding or putting stuff away for him or flying somewhere or bringing him light objects.
5. Knows how to treat physical wounds due to his previous job.

Additional Information: Very short on height. He is half as tall as Cabanela. Despite that, he's actually more heavy than what he looks like. He's strangely proud of this fact. The blue pigeon he has on his head is called "Lovey-Dove" and is quite fond of him. He's about the size of his head and is very fat. He doesn't hesitate to carry out favors for his master.

Biography: The Pigeon Man has been a long time friend of Cabanela's. He used to work in the Police Force of Twilight Town too as a medical forensics investigator. Being Cabanela's companion, he's had to put up with any of his nonsense for all these years. The Pigeon Man dissapeared along with Cabanela for two years, during the events of the Dark War. No one knows much of the Pigeon Man with the possible exception of Cabanela himself. Not his name. Not his goals in life nor how and how long he's been with that pigeon. The Pigeon Man is himself a living enigma...


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The Pigeon Man Empty Re: The Pigeon Man

Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:13 pm

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