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Post by Caelanon on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:34 pm

Name: Cael'anon Alterious Dawnblink

Age: 71

Personality: Cael is a joker, he is gentle (as gentle as a giant elf can get), compassionate, but when it comes to a fight, he will change a full 180 degrees and become engulfed in the honor of battle.

Race: Light Elf (custom race, no special abilities)

Weapon: Gulbrand (meaning God-Sword, not litteraly a god-sword tho)

Class: Light Warrior (controlls the light, not like a god tho, with some flaws to his magics (custom, but will change if not allowed))

Spells/Abilities: Radiance of the Light (heals the caster, and the surrounding allies, slowly and minorly). Light Strike (Light courses through the blade when cast,having the chance of doing a large, but not lethal amount of holy damadge). Light Sheild (blocks one attack, but if the caster attacks with it on before the other person attacks him the sheild breaks, leaving him vulnerable once more)

Additional Information: Cael is 6'11", 300 lbs (with armor), he has blue eyes, the color of the holy fire in the blade

Biography: Cael, when he was 11, watched his parents be slaughtered in front of him by heartless. Caels hero, and trainer for 3 years, chosen by Cael's father to train him attempted to save then, weilding a holy blade, infused with holy fire (Cael's blade now). Due to the overwhelming amount of heartless attacking he was killed. Cael that day, changed for ever. he took up his masters blade, slaughtering as many as he could to save him... but because he was so little at the time he was taken by the power of the blade, weakened by its strength, and fell to the floor unconscious. that night he woke up in the infermary of the Disney Castle, a massive tatoo-like scar up his arm from the blade, branded as its new weilder till death.

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Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:37 pm

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