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Post by Mora on Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:16 pm

Aylia Rensu 2n3w93

Name: Aylia Rensu

Age: 17

Personality: Steadfast in her desicion and choices, and strong of will. She keeps a positive outlook on life, and focuses on her job and duty.

Race: Human

Weapon: One-Handed Longswords and Shields

Class: Magi-Soldier

Sword & Shield Training: Aylia is a skilled warrior in the use of the sword and shield style of fighting, and can use that knowledge to wield other weapons simular to a sword.

Cure: The basic spell of the cure spell family. It's great to help someone who is injured able to be moved to a more experienced healer, but not really intended for full healing unless casted multible times.

Fire: The basic spell of the fire spell family. Hurls three small fireballs towards the direction the caster chooses, but being a basic spell, it won't cause much damage to a larger or stronger foe.

Agility Training: Aylia has also been trained to move quickly over the battlefield and to never stay in one place for too long. As such, she knows ways to evade attacks easily, and can scale walls and troublesome gaps that other people can not.

Magic Training: Training that Aylia has undertaken so that she can cast magic. She can still learn other magic, via being taught or given an relic that grants her that spell.
Additional Information:
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 124 Lbs (With Armor)
Hobbies: Swimming, reading, sparring, and listening to 'classic' rock music.

Biography: One of the guards for Castle Disney, she was orphaned and brought in to be a member of the guards. Trained from a young age, she helps defends this castle from this great threat, despite still unexperienced in the field of battle. Her training is tough, yet one that won't exhaust those who are willing to go though the paces. The training that Aylia undertook to learn magic was tougher still, but now that her body is used to the flow of mana, she can now learn magic, and trains both body and mind equally. She has been uneasy lately, though, mostly because she wish she could do more to assist in the war, instead of staying and guarding.

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