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Post by SJatFW on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:25 am

The Grand Highblood Grand_highblood_by_mafbot-d3txvke
Name: The Grand Highblood

Age: Newborn

Personality: The Grand Highblood is the Heartless of Gamzee Makara. He retains some personality traits. However, his 'good' side is gone completely. He has no joking side. He's a ruthless brute who simply loves to watch blood fall from his victims.

Race: Heartless

Weapon: Anything he can find. He usually fights with his fists, though.

Class: Sad Clown - This class is the same as the joker class, except his speed is slowed down drastically in exchange for overwhelming strength and endurance. He has very hard skin, and his strength is overpowering. He still retains his feature to master any weapon he touches, but due to being corrupted, he has no care for weapons at all. He also has a naturally high resistance to magic, being in that Gamzee died by taking in tons of magical power from a Behemoth.

Spells/Abilities: His abilities include overwhelming strength (Like, super overwhelming. You don't even know) and EXTREMELY high endurance. He has lost his speed due to his size change, but if he manages to hit you, it's going to hurt. Bad.

Additional Information: 10 Feet tall, 570 lbs. All muscle.

Biography: The moment that Gamzee died, his heart was released, leaving behind a Heartless and a Nobody. His heartless was born in the realm of shadows. He was naturally stronger than most other Heartless, taking his survival instincts to a whole other level. He continued to roam and rampage alone, mindlessly killing his fellow heartless. That is, until, Millania came. He attempted to kill Millania, but she tricked and warped his mind, giving him an actual purpose. He now follows Millania and her rule as one of her greatest warriors.


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The Grand Highblood Empty Re: The Grand Highblood

Post by RenaKerensky on Sat Jul 16, 2011 11:27 am

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