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Tianle Ao (Pre-approved/repost) Empty Tianle Ao (Pre-approved/repost)

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Note: The biography is very important for this character. For some parts to make sense, you may want to read the history first.

Name: Tianle Ao

Age: 18 (21 – Post-Timeskip)

Personality: A quiet, but well-read boy, he keeps to himself in most situations. He couldn’t care less about most other people, and tends to be very smart-assy. However, Yi and Ye break this personality at times, getting involved when Tianle normally wouldn’t. When influenced by Ye, he feels a need to help and protect(and to film Yaoi for her, but that's unimportant). Oppositely, Yi feels a need for chaos. However, Yi is not necessarily evil; he just sees those in the way as disposable. Neither spirit ever completely overtakes Tianle’s personality, as they can only play a guiding hand. He occasionally hears other voices in his head, ranging from a flamboyantly gay voice to a voice that can break the fourth wall.

Two-Year Timeskip Personality: Well, that personality has completely changed. Following the timeskip, Tianle became muuuuuch less shy, and is notorious for joking and CSI: Miami-ing constantly. However, this is partially an act, because somewhere deep inside, he wants to break down crying because he feels like a failure to his people. DEEP. DEEP. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP INSIDE.

Race: Human

Weapon: Tianle uses the Shuǐ mǐn, or Water Strider. This is a magical water-based sword that grows with Tianle, though not to the point where it can be as strong as say, a Keyblade. The sword can, with some moderate effort on Tianle’s part, morph into a whip of water ranging from one single whip to a dozen. He also has decent proficiency in unarmed combat, though not enough to be considered a Monk. Also approved to use a keyblade after gaining it through RP, but currently keybladeless.

Class: Spell Knight (Technically a King, but without a crown or anything like that. Besides, does it really count as a king if most of your people are dead?)


Shuǐ biān – Water Whip: A basic spell, Tianle draws from a water source to attack with a sharp ‘whip’ of water.

Blizzard: Some water spurts out, and Tianle freezes it. Basic drill.

Kuàisù hóngliú – Rapid Torrents: One could say this is Tianle’s ‘signature’ spell. Water comes straight out of his hand, creating several, rapidly moving attacks that crash with insane speed. However, if this spell is not mastered, it threatens to harm the user at much as the target. Unfortunately for Tianle, he doesn’t have it mastered.

As a result of the Yi Ye incident, he has some locked potential with both Light and Darkness. He hasn’t even begun to attempt to unlock it. You can’t work at what you don’t know exists.

Tianle also speaks fluent Chinese in addition to English, being from the Land of the Rising Dragons (which is in ancient China)

Post Timeskip Powers
Water and Ice Mastery: Obvious. Tianle has completely mastered Water and Ice, being able to manipulate them in almost every way.

Ice Bridge: See Iceman from Marvel and you know what this is.

Yi and Ye: Yi has been shown to be able to detect lies in people's speech, while Ye gives Tianle the ability to play any type of instrument and to enter people's minds to find out information.

New/Upgraded Spells:
Rapid Torrents Mk. 2 (He can get fancy and make each branch of water bigger or shaped like something)
Chaos Shift in base form
Light Screen in base form


Basic Rapid Torrents
Chaos Shift in base form

Bio: A young and rash Chinese treasure hunter once wandered into a small temple. This temple was that of one of two personifications of Ying and Yang. The one that he was currently in was that of Yi, the dragon spirit of Yang. The adventurer stole several valuable trinkets from the shrine before leaving and going back to Shanghai. Though this thoroughly angered him, Yi was more strategic than simply killing him immediately. He had intended to take the money from hawking the objects and move out, when he met a stunningly beautiful mistress. He instead used the money to woo her and to build a home together. The two eventually decided to start a family. Thus, Tianle Ao was born. However, Yi would not let him go unpunished. The angered spirit cast a curse on the boy, granting him abysmal luck for the remainder of his years. This triggered an attack of Heartless on the small Chinese village that Tianle and his family were living in. Ye, Yi’s Tigran sister, was deeply disturbed by this, and came herself to defend them. Yi did not expect the dark creatures to have appeared – he had only wanted punishment for the one who deserved it. The Dragon appeared alongside her sister, fully prepared to take on the Heartless threat.

In the bloody aftermath, most of the village had been destroyed. Taking their human forms, the siblings had come down to see what had happened to the one who started all of this – Tianle. Coming to a small demolished hut near the center of the village, the two saw Ao family sobbing over a breathless baby. A Neoshadow had critically injured Tianle, and he was only moments away from losing his heart like so many before him. As always, Ye was saddened by the loss of life. However, something rare happened – Yi felt guilty. The two broke off the slightest piece of their spirit to save Tianle’s. The infant opened his eyes, saved from oblivion. The small portion of soul would continue to guide the boy morally and combatively for the rest of his life.

Tianle boy lived to grow and mature into a young man. In his teen years, he left home to find fortune and power. He came across an old man with a mastery of water magic. However, he was lonely, and lived on a mountain in complete isolation. After Tianle volunteered to help him out with daily chores, the man offered to repay him with teachings of water magic. As it turns out, Tianle was innate and naturally adept with this particular branch. One day, as Tianle came into his room with breakfast for the elder, he found that he was already standing out of bed, a grave look on his face. He revealed that he was going to pass away the following day, a result of sickness. Before he passed away, he wanted to give the boy the prize of his glory days: The Shui Min. A hidden room in the small hut revealed a shrine with the weapon mounted on the middle, with a training area specifically for using the Shui Min surrounding it. After spending the next 18 hours training with the Shui Min (it’s hard to teach a student to use a weapon that took years to master in 18 hours), the master told Tianle to take his belongings and leave the mountain forever. He bid him farewell. The Yoda has fulfilled his duty for the Skywalker. Tianle went on to wander China, and eventually, all of the worlds.

A few years later, Tianle found out that his father was actually the second heir to the throne, and that he ascended to become the Emperor almost directly after he left. Now, his father was on his deathbed, and so Tianle was brought into the Forbidden City as the Prince of China. He got into a Gummi Ship and accidentally stranded himself on Halloween Town.

After The Land of the Rising Dragons was absorbed, Tianle met Alexander Razorwind, who let him into his ship. During the two-year timeskip, Tianle trained nearly everyday and became a master of Water and Ice, and moved on to fire. With the return of Alex and the structuring of the rebellion, Tianle was chosen to lead the Military branch. He has since become one of the most active allies of the Keybladers, having significant roles in locking/purifying Atlantica, Destiny Islands, and other worlds.

Tianle Ao (Pre-approved/repost) Anima__Dereck_by_Wen_M
Hair only.

Tianle Ao (Pre-approved/repost) Spears_02_by_Wen_M

One farthest on the left.

Yin form is one of two starting forms of Tianle, along with Yang form. To enter the form, Tianle must merge his soul with the spirit of Ye, embodiment of Ying. Ao has two sets of tattoos on his body; a pair of Dragon tattoos going down the arms and a Tiger Tattoo on the back. When entering this Drive, the tiger tattoo changes colors to White and Brown, and Tianle’s hair changes to the hairstyle above. This form is very magically and defensively oriented, as all spells go up one level (can only raise up to –Aga level) and Tianle gains Reflect and the Shui Min becomes a more defensive spear. It is not all defensive, however. Tianle gains the ability to use holy/light spells, and the offensive spells like Blizzard are still augmented. Tianle also gets the ability to levitate. In conclusion, Yin is more versatile than Yang form, but doesn’t have the same offensive prowess. Note: Stronger under moonlight, but unusable under a lunar eclipse




Holy Clap: Sends a pillar of light towards the opponent, dealing Holy damage.

Light Screen: Similar to Reflect, but places an ‘armor’ like enchantment on the target to absorb more damage before dying.

Limit Break: The Tiger in the corner

In Yin form, Tianle stores the damage that he takes. Once this Limit Break is activated, the energy of the damage is unleashed twofold through a combo followed by a powerful explosion unleashed from Tianle himself. However, the pure stress that this limit break induces tires Ye to the point of not being able to keep it up for Tianle, and the drive shuts down after use.

Tianle Ao (Pre-approved/repost) Commission__akumada_by_wen_m-d3gjb3m

Hair and sword only.

Yang form is the corresponding form, opposite Yin. However, it involves merging Ao’s spirit to Yi, rather than Ye. Similar to Yin, the only cosmetic differences come in a change in the hair color/style (as shown by a different FI) and the glowing of the Dragon tattoos (located down the side of either arm). The actual body remains the same. In terms of traits of the Yang form, Tianle uses the sword above as well as the Shui Min in a dual-wield style. It is important to note that both weapons are imbued with Chaos, which isn’t related to anything on the elemental wheel and can slide damage through many types of magic defenses, including Reflect. All of Tianle’s physical attributes increase twofold, but his normal magic is locked down completely, being replaced some fire and chaos techniques. Yang form is a very offensive form, which is counteracted by the fact that defense is thrown to the wind, a complete opposite of Yin form. Note: Stronger under bright sunlight (around Noon) and unusable under a Solar Eclipse


Flame Slash – Tianle imbues both swords with Fira before striking. Can also be used to send a wave-slash of fire towards the target.

Chaos Shift: Allows user to shift a few feet in any direction, becoming temporarily ethereal until the move is finished. Also features trippy neon rainbowness.

Sunfire: After using Flame Slash, Tianle keeps the flame lit as he creates a large fireball over his head and flings it. On contact, it explodes into several more waves of fire that sweep in a 10 foot radius.

Limit Break: Rising Dragon

Both tattoos on Tianle’s arm glow brightly before he springs forth with trippy neon rainbowness behind him. He swings both swords at any enemies nearby with surprising accuracy before rearing back (with the image of Yi in dragon form surrounding him) and slashing straight up into the air, detonating the sword with Chaos magic as he does so. As with Yin form, using the Limit Break will knock him out of drive, due to Yi being exhausted out.


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